SHEN - NGO in Armenien


In 1988, a group of professors and students of Yerevan Polytechnic College created Shen NGO to face the myriad of problems that emerged after the devastating earthquake, influx of refugees, severe blockade of overland communications imposed by Turkey and Azerbaijan, economic and political crisis.
The word 'Shen' means a well-to-do, prosperous village in Armenian. In this word the mission of our organization is reflected - to turn the far away and disadvantaged villages into Shens, vibrant and well - off communities, by rehabilitating the infrastructure, creating employment and supporting farmers...

Mission and Activities

Shen's mission is very appealing to Diaspora Armenians. In 1990 Shen-France was founded in Paris, and Shen-USA in 2000. In 2001 Shen opened a branch in Nagorno Karabagh. It has many supporters in Lebanon, Russia, Canada, Italy and UK. Their aim is to help their compatriots in Armenia to become well off and empowered to create their prosperity with their own hands.
During years of activity, as the realities in our country changed, we have made a shift from relief projects to community development. We attach a wide meaning to it, from community infrastructure rehabilitation to income generation. We continue to focus on disadvantaged and remote communities trying to empower and encourage them to take up initiative in solving their own problems.

A Major Community Developer in Armenia

For over 15 years, we revive the abandoned villages of Armenia by creating jobs, empowering communities, alleviating poverty and preventing emigration. We help the disadvantaged and forlorn villages of Armenia to become Shens - vibrant and well-off communities.

Wherever we go, the first thing we do is activating the communities, helping them overcome the apathy and encouraging them to mobilize their resources for the community's benefit. With our assistance, civic action groups implement social projects and take up leadership in the community life.

Renovation des Schulzimmers Herstellung der Möbel

Shen thinks it important to take care of recreation and education of children from poor families. Since 1999, we established a Children's Recreation Center in Yeghnajour, Shirak marz, that we aim to turn into a summer camp for Armenian children from all over the world. Every 150 beneficiary children from suburbs of Gyumri and their teachers enjoyed fresh air, food and the pleasure of working in the farm. The school building in the background was reconstructed to host the children.

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